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Out Comes The Lycra – New Year Fitness

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  • January 3, 2019

Fitness 2019 – Folk Are In Their New Fitness Gear!

Every new year they are out and about without fail. Who am I talking about? The new year fitness freaks. Bless them, off they pant and sweat in their new trainers and lycra, with their fitness resolution in tact.

Every January is the same. I walk the same routes with my dog day after day, year after year. And every January I have to walk my dog closer to me. Mainly because he is an utter pest and has a tendency to want to lick every jogger that goes past. No new year fitness enthusiast is safe with the phantom licker. However, come February the jogging numbers dramatically dwindle. Those eager fitness bunnies are fed up with the miserable weather that greets them the moment they step out the door. Some choose a comfy gym…. but most quit, for another year.

My Personal Trainer

My personal trainer is relentless. Twice a day, every day and there is no let up no matter what the weather is. My trainer is Max the dog. He could not care whether you are under the weather or battling the weather. I will be made to walk around 4-5 miles minimum per day. In fact some of the fittest people I know, walk their dogs regularly. I definitely toned up and lost a few pounds once I started dog walking. But don’t just take my word for it, there has been some serious research on dog walking for health.

Don’t Go For Gym Membership Just Yet!

If I told you that research showed that in general, dog walkers are often fitter than gym members would you believe me? When I analyse it, I suppose it does not come as a surprise. I do a brisk walk for about an hour and a half per day with my personal trainer (dog). Times that by seven and I exercise for over ten hours per week. Compare that to many people who spend an hour in the gym three times a week, and the maths is easy to figure out. An interesting report showed that many dog walkers exceed the government recommendation for exercise. So maybe my furry friend is doing more for my health than I realise?

My Kind Of Exercise…

The gym and I just don’t get on. I know that it is a great place for many people, but it does not do it for me. Instead of getting a beach body, I get norovirus or the flu. I’m convinced the machines are not sanitised enough in many places. For a person like me, who wipes supermarket trolley handles with anti bacterial wipes before she touches them, this isn’t great. I got sick of being sick. This all stopped when I traded the gym for the great outdoors.

The disadvantages…. Yes it’s not all win win

The disadvantage for me is of course the weather. Some days getting a free dermabrasion facial from wind and hail in your face, isn’t the greatest. Stick on a balaclava where I live, and the local cops will take an interest. Some days being out in the elements is utterly brutal. Add in the fact that my dog hates his waterproof coat and wants to bite me as I put it on, and the whole experience is downright awful. That said, I have learned the art of sheer enjoyment of getting home to my warm comfortable abode. When you have been out in all weather, there is nothing nicer than stepping back into shelter again!

Cheap as chips, with little cost.

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Walking with a dog or not, is a fairly cheap form of exercise. Not much is needed to start. I have advanced though as time has gone on, to good walking shoes and outdoor gear. I spend half my year in the Lake District, so good walking boots and clothing has become second nature to me. If the weather is mild and not too bad, I have to say my sketchers are a real bonus. Pounding pavements with the pooch means you walk a fair few miles. I worked out that on average it is 30 miles a week, which is over 1,500 miles per year. So make sure you have good trainers or footwear with support inside.

The sketchers that I use, are these at present, please see the affiliate link below. There are different styles and colours to this, but I love the memory foam inside (too comfortable for words) and they offer good grip.

The Advantages Of Outdoors!

Fresh air, freedom and good mental health are the key ingredients. There is just something about being outdoors on a good day, that instantly puts you in a better mood. When the weather gets better you also get added vitamin D. You will find out why I am obsessed about vitamin D and why the nation has a lack of it, in my posts to come. The only addition I have to good footwear in the warmer weather, is a small backpack. This is so I can put water in for myself and of course the personal trainer dog. The backpack is not too large and bulky and is great to put bits and pieces in, especially water!

The affiliate link for the backpack I use is here:-

So if you are struggling to muster up the enthusiasm to don your lycra and jog along the pavements, then you may want to give walking a go. It’s nice and gentle on the joints and relatively peaceful. Plus you will lose weight excess should you wish, depending on how far and how brisk you go. You too can be into new year fitness, but hopefully you can last longer than most new year fitness folk.

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  • November 2, 2018

Just a quick update to say that my new blog is in construction, it wont be long now folks…. hold tight!  My old blogs needed an overhaul and having the different topics I deal with,  (apart from the cookery) is better off in one zone, rather than in different blogs.  However the decision has been made to keep “CookingWithEmily.Co.UK” where it is.  This is because it is solely focused on food and health.  Links from that site will come through to Mrs M, where I think the item is appropriate.

In the meantime, I shall be on twitter @Mrs_MBlog.  So you can send messages etc there.

Love …Mrs M 

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