Midlife Blog Posts To Motivate and Encourage you!

Midlife need not be something to fear.  In fact, I am making it my aim to be quite the opposite.  How many times have you heard the remark “I am dreading turning forty?”  It is often said, that age is just a number.  I wholeheartedly agree with that, because I have never been happier and healthier.  In fact, I have relished life more in my forties, than I did in my teens.  I want these midlife blogs posts to motivate and encourage you.

Why do I enjoy midlife?

There have been many things I have enjoyed.  Hopefully you will also discover more about what I get out of midlife, with the future blog posts.  I am not setting out for every person to feel the way I do over every situation.  Nor do I expect everyone to agree with what I say, or like what I like.  Not every day is sunshine and flowers, but I am not striving for perfection.  So I can cut myself some slack.  However, I have been able to embrace certain things such as:-

  • Greater confidence and not giving a hoot what others think.
  • Not taking negativity on board from others.
  • Having more time for myself to enjoy the things I love.
  • Getting more opportunities to explore new things and adventures.
  • Setting up and running my new business.
  • Being able to focus on my health and fitness.
  • Motivating other women to be the best they can be.
  • Having the time to explore food, fashion and beauty
  • Knowing that its absolutely fine to be me!

The list could have gone on.  Although I am sure over time, you will find out what makes me tick, and what can make me snap.  My friends suggested I set up this blog to encourage other women.  So you can blame them for everything that comes out my mouth or I type.  They know my blunt attitude, but they also see a caring side.  That said, if it helps anyone feel better about themselves and makes their midlife journey better, then that is a good thing!

Be involved in the blog

I hope to hear from some of you as time goes on.  A blog can take months or years to gain momentum.  Who knows?  But this is now part of me wanting to share my thoughts, feelings and camaraderie with other women.  So please reply to posts, drop me an email and I will do my best to reply.  Through my work, speeches and daily routine I have found some women to be incredibly lonely by one way or another.  For different reasons they have lost friends, family or just had difficult circumstances.  I know this blog doesn’t make up for having a real person in your life, but I hope you can feel some sort of connection.  You never know, one day we might have a big convention where we can all meet and have a great day together.  Now wouldn’t that be nice?

Blog categories

You will see that I have placed categories in the drop down menu.  General musings (or rants) will be in all posts.  However, I shall try to place the blog posts in the relevant categories, so that if you are looking for something in particular it might be there.  There is also a search facility as well on the home page near the header logo.

It will take me a fair amount of time for this to build up as I have a lot of posts to add on.  But I am looking forward to sharing my journey and joining yours too!

Love Mrs M. x 

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