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Midlife hey?  How do you get the best out of this chapter?

Midlife was always something I dreaded, which was partly due to well meaning people giving me negative advice about “what to expect.”  What nobody told me, was just how fulfilled and packed with fun your midlife can be!  In fact, I would say this is most definitely the happiest period of my whole life.

So I want to encourage and help other ladies to look, and more importantly feel their very best.

Midlife can be an exciting, adventurous chapter in your life…. or you can make it as dull as ditch water.  The choice is yours!

What does this midlife blog aim to do?

So this blog aims to be positive, funny and useful.  I shall also share my tips on health, food, lifestyle and beauty.  I want you to be confident, sassy and managing your midlife marvellously.  There may be more serious posts, but even then, my hope is that you get something from them.

Ladies, you are not ready for the scrapheap.  Life is what you make of it, but negativity should not form part of it.

I also want your interaction.  I feel that women have to stick together.  We should build each other up not tear each other apart.  So my only request is that you be polite in any forum or post comments.  Good manners cost nothing but mean everything.  I am a bit blunt and honest at times, but never take what I say personally.  Offence is the last thing I want to cause.  However, sometimes you have to say it as you see it, especially if you are passionate about something. I am therefore, probably not suitable for the snowflakes… just a warning.

So let’s make the best of being in our midlife.  Embrace all it has to offer.  Enjoy the good times and push through the challenging ones together. You too can feel midlife marvellous!

Mrs M x

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