Yann Moix – Ladies, are we that bothered what he thinks?

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  • January 12, 2019
body confidence in midlife

The news that Yann Moix cannot love women over 50, didn’t leave me crying in my cornflakes! Instead, I took one look at the man, and thanked my lucky stars I wouldn’t be one of his conquests. I may not have reached his 50 year old benchmark yet, but I am sure I would not be his type, and neither is he mine.

I had never even heard of him until the other day …which is no bad thing. However since his first public declaration he has gone one step further. He has added to this list of dislikes, by saying that he “cannot stand to date white western women.” Well, quite frankly that has come as a huge relief to all of us slipping in that category, no matter what our age!

Give us a photo!

I’ve skipped placing any photo of him on here, as ladies, he isn’t George Clooney. It is odd to come out with such preferences so publicly, and is almost as if Yann Moix is using social media as a subtle form of tinder. Another part of me wonders whether desperation has kicked in or the need to publicise his work. Frankly, I actually pity any female attaching themselves to him. Imagine being unceremoniously dumped after your 50th birthday celebrations!

Younger woman syndrome…

He probably is a man who likes younger women. Many men do. It could well be that he is superficial, and only likes a newish body to work his unknown charms on. It could also be that he likes to be the dominant male. A few older men cannot handle the fact that women get to a certain age and start to enjoy life, and are able to express themselves better. We start to take care of ourselves and are no longer the mother, cook and cleaner. I think in midlife, we can become a triple threat. This is a concern to an alpha dominant male.

Submissive and knows her place…

My next point is that Yann allegedly doesn’t like dating western women. That is probably because we are not easily fooled. Or, he may prefer a more submissive character. It comes as no surprise that there are women who have to be very submissive in some cultures. It could be that he prefers that type. Yes there are occasions where even I shake my head at the behaviour of some western women, but please Yann, do not tarnish us all with the same brush. Many of us are educated, well spoken, have good manners and morals. Not every western woman has the standards of an alley cat.

Some of us also have a half decent body. There are some women over 50 who surpass younger models. Two that spring to mind are Kylie Minogue and Elle McPherson. Not every young person has a body of a supermodel, and nor should they feel the need to have!

There are also those type of men who think women should “know their place.” They truly are the worst creatures to be around. You are not a person but a possession with these men. It is best that you know your value and not engage with them and their strange ideology, unless you like misery.

Are we washed up?

Ladies, we are not washed up. Far from it. This is just the opinion of one man, who most of us wouldn’t touch with a high jump pole anyway. I only hope Yann Moix finds the love he is looking for. When I was in my younger years, any man his age leering over me, would make me think “dirty old man.”

I remember a couple of men in particular. They had the character where they didn’t open the door but would ooze underneath it. Slimy and odd. Funny enough, they had high opinions of themselves, which wasn’t just self confidence. They also had a very sexist attitude. Needless to say I would do all I could to avoid them. I certainly avoided all eye contact.

Yann is of course, more than entitled to list his requirements for his ideal woman. I too have a set of requirements for a man. I like them to make me laugh, be compassionate, kind, caring and make me feel special. The difference with my requirements, is that looks and age don’t really form any basis as to whether I fall in love with someone. Love is so much more than looks. Nowadays many people are more addicted to lust than love.

Should we be upset by his comments?

Over the last few years of speaking to middle aged women, I have championed them being the best they can be. I want women of mid life age to be empowered and to go live a life where the negative opinions of others actually does not matter. So what if some men find us off putting? Does it matter if our body has changed? Is it that bad if we are more confident and bolder than we were years ago? The people who truly love us will support and be with us no matter what. A man who looks past all the superficial and sees you for you, is the one you need to focus on. Looks fade, but personality and character doesn’t.

I know I am blessed with a wonderful husband who makes me feel like a Queen, even if I have days where I look like a sloth. There is no urge for me to become a bra burning, man hating feminist because I like being treated like a lady by my gentleman. To any man reading this, I do not think you are all like Yann either. There are some men who actually prefer an “older” woman. Some particularly like older women because they appreciate the value she adds to life. I salute you!

Remember ladies, you are far more than looks. You are a beautiful package. You have a real value in society! Let’s let some men have their little middle life crisis, whilst we enjoy life.

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